Friday, 30 September 2016

1st October nappy event cancelled

I'm sorry, but the nappy info stall at Idea Store Bow on 1st October has had to be cancelled due to sickness.

If you would like to go to another real nappy demo, check out events in Hackney including a demo and pop-up shop this coming Wednesday at Hackney Central Library, 1.00pm.

Best wishes


Sunday, 4 September 2016

Upcoming Real Nappy events at Idea Store Bow

I will be holding an info stall and Q&A about real nappies on Thursday 8th September, 10-12, Idea Store Bow, Roman Road, and another on Saturday 1st October in the same place.

Come along if you'd like to find out more about real nappies, share tips if you are using them already, or look at some samples.

I don't sell nappies (I'm a volunteer) but as there's lots of choice in the world of cloth bums, I can help you work out what kind might be for you.

Also to remind you that you can apply online here for a £40 voucher to buy real nappies. You are eligible if you live in Tower Hamlets and are pregnant or have a baby under 18 months old, and you don't have to come to any event to apply.

The voucher is a great (free!) way to buy and try several different types of cloth nappy as you get yourself started.


Calling all cloth nappy enthusiasts in Tower Hamlets! I'm looking for support to continue (and expand!) the real nappy network and help reach more parents in the borough. Help is needed so that anyone who might want to use real nappies for any reason (massive cost saving! environmental win! cute prints!) gets the information they need to get started. Please get in touch if you might have a little time to give.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Real Nappy Week event at Idea Store Bow

Yes, there's a Real Nappy Week! And it's coming soon... 18th-24th April. So why not take the chance to find out about the cheaper, greener, cleaner and way cuter-looking alternative to disposable?

Image result for real nappy 
I'll be at Idea Store Bow on Roman Road on Saturday 23rd April from 10.00-12.00, with a selection of cloth nappies for you to look at, and answers to as many questions as I can.

I'll also have a stash of the Tower Hamlets Real Nappies for London voucher leaflets. Tower Hamlets residents expecting a baby or with a child under 18 months can take a leaflet to claim their free £40 worth of cloth nappies (redeemable from most suppliers).

If you can't make it on Saturday 23rd, you can claim your Tower Hamlets nappy voucher here at Real Nappies for London.

There are also lots of events on during Real Nappy Week: in Hackney, run by the fantastic Hackney Real Nappy Network and across London. For further advice on real nappies - check out the rest of this blog or drop me an email:

Monday, 21 September 2015

Real Nappy Info at Stepney City Farm


I'll be at Stepney City Farm cafe this Friday 2nd October from 11.00-12.30 (date rearranged from last week due to illness).

I'll have a selection of cloth nappies and answers to as many questions as I can, plus the Tower Hamlets Real Nappies for London voucher leaflets. TH residents can take a leaflet to claim their free 40 pounds worth of cloth nappies (redeemable from most suppliers).

Parents who don't know Stepney City Farm, it's an amazing place to bring young children and on Friday mornings there are also two sessions from Frog Prince music for babies and children. Contact the farm for more details.

Maybe see you there!


Monday, 29 June 2015

Upcoming real nappy event and the benefits of real nappies in hot weather

Hi all,

The next real nappy info event I'm doing will be at the NCT Parents-to-be Evening at on 21st July - all welcome, see description below from Ceri who runs the evening.

I will be there to answer your cloth nappy questions and with a selection of nappies and nappy accessories for you to look at. I'll also bring the Real Nappies for London voucher leaflets that you can use to claim £40 worth of free cloth nappies, from lots of different suppliers.

Tower Hamlets NCT Parents-to-be Evenings
Pregnant? Don’t know a single other soul with a baby in Tower Hamlets? Already a parent but want to meet others having their babies at the same time?  Have questions about prams, cots, nappies, hospital bags....?  This is the evening for you!  We meet on the third Tuesday of the month, from 7.30pm onwards in Browns, West India Quay (Canary Wharf). Ask for the NCT table and watch out for other bumps / soft-drinkers. We sit upstairs. Everyone is welcome to this event, including partners. You don't need to be a member to attend and there is no charge, only what you want to purchase in terms of drinks or dinner. Some people have dinner others just have a drink. It is entirely up to you. It is usually a lovely social evening and a good chance to start meeting others in the area going through the same things as you. Bring your questions! None are too big or small.

Also - I am planning to run a drop-in real nappy chat event in Tower Hamlets during late July/early August. If you would find this helpful and have a preference as to daytime/evening/weekend, please drop me an email and I will try to take that into account.

Finally, in this lovely weather I wanted to share a benefit of real nappies you may not have thought of, if you don't use them yet... They look super cute, and more like clothing than underwear. So, you don't need to buy shorts/bloomers for your baby or toddler. When the weather is warm he or she can just bumble around in a colourful nappy wrap and a t-shirt or dress. Yet more money saved by using cloth nappies!

Enjoy the sunshine,


Friday, 24 April 2015

Happy Real Nappy Week!

Why not find out more about real nappies and get your hands on the free £40 real nappies voucher for Tower Hamlets parents? Here's where:

Tomorrow is the NCT Nearly New Sale at Swanlea School, 31 Brady Street, E1 5DJ. Open to all 10.30-1.00. I will be running a real nappies info stall alongside all the stalls of lovely bargain baby stuff. Come along with your questions and look at some sample cloth nappies.

Tuesday 12th May is the next Tower Hamlets Nappuccino at Whitechapel Idea Store, 10-12. Find out all about real nappies and get your free £40 voucher.

My Real Nappy Week wish is that all parents are given the information they need to choose the nappies that suit their family's needs. At places like antenatal classes, children's centres, GP surgeries, health visitor clinics - wherever we get told about other baby stuff. 

Even better, real nappies should be presented as a normal choice in all those places. At the moment, disposables are often presented as the only option - meaning parents are spending something like an extra £1000 from birth to potty, for each child! How many of us can really afford this? 

If it becomes easier to find information about cloth nappies (and the great incentive schemes that lots of councils run, like the £40 voucher in Tower Hamlets) then I think a lot more more parents would opt for the much cheaper, much greener option of cloth.

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Upcoming real nappy events in Tower Hamlets

Happy New Year everyone!

If you are thinking of trying real nappies in 2015, Tower Hamlets is the place to be. Here are some reasons why:

Tower Hamlets Council runs regular 'Nappuccino' events where you can find out all about cloth nappies and pick up your Real Nappies for London voucher. Next dates are January 20th and March 17th - find out more here.

The Real Nappies for London voucher! If you live in TH and have a baby under 18 months you can get £40 to spend on whatever real nappies you like.

I will be hosting 'real nappy chats' every month or so at NCT events and local venues. Come along if you are interested in finding out more about cloth nappies, or if you already use them and would like to share tips with other parents, or if you can't make it to a Nappuccino but want to have a look at some nappies... I will bring a small selection of the main styles of real nappy, plus info such as how to claim your Real Nappies for London voucher. 

Here are the upcoming real nappy chat dates:
  • Saturday 14th February, open to all, Bow Idea Store cafe on Roman Road,10-11 am
  • Tuesday February 17th, for expectant parents, at the NCT Parents-to-be evening, Browns, West India Quay, 14. 7.30 pm onwards.